Second dad named ‘hero’ after he ‘punched and headbutted’ knifeman outside school

Second dad named ‘hero’ after he ‘punched and headbutted’ knifeman outside school

A second dad has been called a “hero” for his life-saving actions in stopping an attacker near a Middlesborough primary school.

Kayfee Hameed rushed to try to disarm a man at Berwick Hills Primary School and he was stabbed in the process.

Now his neighbour and friend Chris Broadley has spoken out about his role in the terrifying school run incident.

The 35-year-old “punched and headbutted” the knifeman shortly before armed police arrived at the scene, reports Teeside Live.

A fight broke out on Westerdale Road, close to the school in Berwick Hills, at about 8.30am.

Many pupils were being walked along the road to school as panic set in among parents, teachers and children.

Cleveland Police later confirmed the armed brawl between a gang of men is being linked to an earlier aggravated burglary on Ellerby Green.

Chris told how there was a ” commotion” at the bottom of Bransdale Road, where the family live, which near to the side entrance to the school.

But it was his “instinct” to run towards the potential danger after hearing his friend had been “stabbed”.

Chris said: “My Mrs had seen parents screaming and running.

“There was a car at knife point.

“I had my slippers on at the time and I was tripping over so I went in to put my trainers on and in that time they’d got into the school premises.

“Kayfee’s Mrs said he’d been stabbed so I shot into the school like a rocket.

“I felt like I had to do something, my kid was in that school.

“At that point, the teachers were just shutting the gates but I told them I could sort it, they let me in.”

He said that when he entered the school grounds, the knifeman was the the top of the school field.

The dad-of-four then “started calming him down” and that allowed Kayfee to “wrestle” the knifeman to the ground.

Chris then punched him and headbutted him “which made him release the knife” in the drama, which only lasted a few moments.

Armed officers then swooped on the scene and intervened.

“I didn’t think about my own safety really, the adrenaline just kicked in,” Chris added.

As previously reported, Kayfee tried “to get the knife off him and found a pole to try and stop him”.

As a result, he was “stabbed in the leg and hand” and taken to James Cook University Hospital.

Chris commended the dad-of-four’s “brave” actions, stating: “He done his job.”

Both men have been branded “heroes” following the incident after potentially protected many children and adults who were walking in the area at the time.

Four men reportedly stormed a property and threatened the occupants with a weapon before stealing a Vauxhall Insignia and a motorbike at around 6.40am.

At the time of the brawl outside the school, a man was also reported for attempting to steal two vehicles from the scene.

A number of people were reported to have been fighting with weapons and the incident spilled in the school grounds.

In total six arrests were made by Cleveland Police and six men, aged 22, 26, 26, 27, 28, and 49, remained in police custody on Friday evening.

However, on Saturday, the force provided an update on the investigation confirming three men were released with no further action.

“Several arrests were made in connection with the incident – which is believed to be linked to an earlier alleged aggravated burglary.

“Three men were released with no further police action and the rest remain in custody undergoing questioning.

“This is an ongoing investigation and we would ask people not to speculate on social media as this could affect any future legal process.

“We appreciate your co-operation and understanding.”

Detectives remained on scene throughout the day while investigations were carried out.

The police spokesperson added: “Officers would like to again reassure parents that the incident was not linked to the school and neighbourhood officers have remained at the school today with the children and staff, to reassure them and provide a high-visibility presence.”